Is the Cades Cove Weather Seasonal?

There is no denying the beauty of Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Here, you have rolling mountain tops, wide open fields, playful wildlife, and natural beauty as far as the eye can see. However, what makes this area truly majestic is its ability to transform itself with the transitions in seasons every year. From fall to spring and summer to winter, the ever-changing Cades Cove weather makes this a place where you can’t help but return time and time again.

What should you expect to find during your next seasonal visit to Cades Cove? To find the answer, read below!

Fall/Autumn Weather in Cades Cove

Cades Cove weather fallFall is one of the most popular times of year to visit Cades Cove because this is the time of year when the leaves in the trees change from lush greens to vibrant reds, oranges and golden yellows. It is almost as if the mountain sides are set ablaze with natural beauty between September and mid-November.

If you visit during this time of year, you may want to remember to pack a light jacket or cardigan because the Cades Cove weather in fall tends to average between the mid-60’s to the mid-40s. Meaning, it’s not so cold that you won’t be able to get out and explore all of your favorite homesites and historic buildings, but you may want an extra layer or two.

Another perk of visiting Cades Cove in the fall is that it is the driest season in terms of rainfall. This means that you won’t have to worry too much about a couple of rain drops ruining your day of exploration to this historic area.

Cades Cove weather in springSpring Weather in Cades Cove

Spring in Cades Cove lasts from the beginning of March to the end of May. Just like fall, the spring Cades Cove weather is amazing in terms of bringing out the vibrant beauty of the area. However, instead of leaves changing colors, we now have an abundance of beautifully colored wildflowers that cover the area during this season.

Also similar to fall, this season may require you to pack a light sweater or jacket to stay warm. The average temperatures found this time of year typically stay between the high-40’s and low-60’s. Although the temperatures are warming up from their winter lull, they are not quite at the peak that you would find during the summer.

Summer Weather in Cades Cove

Cades Cove weather in the summerWhen summer arrives in Cades Cove, you can feel it. Between early-June and August, the temperatures are the hottest you will see all year. Not to mention, there is an increase of humidity in the air and there is a slight haze that surrounds the area.

Although July and August are the two hottest months of the year with at least two days each where the temperatures rise into the 90’s, the summer Cades Cove weather is not as hot as other summer travel destinations. The average high temperature found during this time of year tends to stay between the mid-70’s and mid-80’s.

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella! With an average of over 14 inches, summer in Cades Cove is when you can expect to find the most rainfall throughout the year.

Don’t let this discourage you from visiting! If it rains, it usually happens in the late afternoon and never lasts very long. You can use this as an excuse to explore the Visitor Center until the clouds pass.

Cades Cove Weather in WinterWinter Weather in Cades Cove

Winter in Cades Cove is generally pretty moderate. You can expect to see at least a little snow fall between the months of November and February. Although the snow usually tends to fall mostly in the higher elevations, that doesn’t mean that the view of the snowcapped mountains from Cades Cove is any less beautiful.

As far as temperatures go, the average high during this time of year lingers around the mid-40’s and mid-50’s. The average lows for winter in Cades Cove dip as low as the mid-20’s, depending on the month.

With temperatures this low, we definitely recommend that you pack a warm jacket and thick socks to help keep you comfortable while you explore Cades Cove.

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