What to Pack for your Winter Vacation in the Smoky Mountains

When it comes to your winter vacation in Cades Cove, we know that you’ll want to be bundled up but without the heft in your suitcase. Instead of making this feat a struggle, we’ve assembled a few simple tips to help you pack for your winter vacation here. These tips will help you contain your luggage to one suitcase per person while still having everything you need to enjoy a winter hike, a snowball fight, or even just a long cozy night in your cabin.

Choose More Layers

If you choose to pack several light, yet warm, layers, you can save on some valuable suitcase real estate. Think tank tops, sport weight sweaters, and a waterproof top-coat that will help you stay warm during any snowy adventures. For pants, you can never go wrong with jeans. Though if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, we recommend wearing leggings underneath some snow pants so that you’ll stay warm and dry all day long.

Go for Insulation
There is truly nothing worse than cold feet! So, definitely leave your mesh top sneakers at home. Instead, opt for wool socks that you can easily put in a side pocket of your suitcase. Then, make sure to save room for a solid pair of boots. They make take up a lot of room but you’ll be happy you brought them once you see all the snow on the ground here.

How to pack up your gear
To save space in your suitcase, try wearing some of your layers during your plane ride. Planes are notoriously cold anyway so you may be glad you took this advice. Plus, you can always easily shed layers at any time during your ride.

As you’re packing for your winter vacation here, we suggest just asking yourself what you’ll need in order to enjoy Cades Cove to its fullest. Plus, make sure to bring your camera to help capture your fun memories!

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