Tips for the Ultimate Destination Wedding in the Smoky Mountains

destination wedding in the smoky mountainsDid you know that the Smoky Mountain area is known as the wedding capital of the South? It’s true. More couples decide to hold their wedding in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville area than anywhere else in the United States, second only to Las Vegas, Nevada.  These couples have a reason for getting married here too! It’s just simply beautiful with tons of available lodging for families and friends to spend the night.

Make the Smoky Mountains the rustic backdrop to your destination wedding in Cades Cove. We can’t think of anything better, especially for couples getting married in the fall.

Hold Your Ceremony in Sevier County: The Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Here, you can hold your ceremony against the backdrop of the Pigeon Forge or the fairgrounds with tons of space for a ceremony and reception party. For you and your bride or groom, you can plan on being joined in holy matrimony in a chapel, the National Park, or even the privacy of your own cottage or cabin.

Since you have a spot already picked out, we want to help you complete your destination wedding plans with just a few tips.

5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding in Cades Cove

Find A Helping Hand

Your ceremony and reception party will be away from home. Meaning, you’ll need to transport all your decorations, flowers, furniture, and food to the wedding location. So it’s time to recruit some friends, family, or a wedding planner to help!

Vet Your Vendors

Just like you would research a new car or phone provider, you need to research your vendors. One sloppy florist or DJ could end up causing a scene on your special day. So don’t take any risks. Plus, who wants to worry about a vendor getting something wrong? Leave the nightmares behind by reading reviews and try conducting interviews so that you can get a sense for your vendor’s demeanor and personality before you sign that contract.

Give Plenty of Notice

Let your friends know about your destination wedding plans ahead of time. In fact, give them as much notice as possible. That way, you can ensure that everyone you want by your side on your day is able to make it.

Book Your Rooms Ahead of Time

Your friends will be arriving in the Smoky Mountains from both near and far away, with the latter needing somewhere to stay. You can take care of these travelingfriends and family by booking a cabin or vacation rental to help them be comfortable while staying in town for the special occasion.

Look Forward to the Big Day!

We’re sure you’re sick of wedding advice. You’ve read every article, heard the often uninvited chiding from friends, and now you’re just ready to enjoy your big day. So instead of adding more stress to your plate, we’ll let you get back to your planning with just one last tip: enjoy your engagement with the peace of mind that your wedding will be beautiful here in the Smoky Mountains and that your guests will be taken care of thanks to tons of available accommodation options.

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