Cades Cove TN Weather

The weather in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is variable and this is also true of Cades Cove. When you’re traveling to Cades Cove, you can expect the Cades Cove TN weather to be similar to that of Gatlinburg and the national park.

The Cades Cove area receives¬†50+ inches of rainfall annually, most of it occurring in the spring and fall months. Summers, by comparison, are dry in Cades Cove, but when you’re hiking, you should be prepared for any situation. We recommend packing a poncho and even a light jacket (yes, even in the summer!) because sometimes the weather can change quickly. It is more likely to rain in the afternoon due to thunderhead build up and the tremendous vapor which rises from Cades Cove and other parts of the Smoky Mountains.

The spring and summer months are some of the most beautiful for Cades Cove TN weather. In the springtime, the wildflowers bloom and the sun shines perfectly over Cades Cove. These months are perfect for touring the Cades Cove Loop Road because you can ride int he car with your windows down, get out and walk around and even stop in the grassy field for a picnic.

In the fall months, the leaves change and the Cades Cove TN weather starts to change from the summery feeling to the cooler, fall temperatures. Remember, days will be getting shorter during this time of year, so you’ll want to make sure you make your way to Cades Cove earlier in the day to truly experience the entire area.

Of course, it also snows in Cades Cove each year. The area receives about 20 inches of snow in total throughout the winter season. Of course, many of the roads in the national park are closed during the winter months due to ice and snow, so you’ll want to make sure you check that the Loop Road is open when you visit!

Start planning your trip to Cades Cove right away! Just keep in mind, when you plan on touring the Cades Cove Loop Road, you’ll want to allow yourself a few hours, especially if you visit during the peak season. No matter what the Cades Cove TN weather is doing, you’ll love experiencing the beauty of the Smokies from the Cove.

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