Horseback Riding in Cades Cove

Experiencing Cades Cove on horseback will give you one of the most incredible and intimate experiences with nature. Riders traverse the 6,800 acres, and all its glory, atop a one of nature’s finest creatures, who can take riders gently through streams, up hilly terrain, and across wide plains and forests. It’s as close to nature as you’re going to get.

Don’t Worry, There Are Guides

horseback riding in Cades Cove

You don’t have to be an expert horseback rider to enjoy Cades Cove in this fashion; there are guides that will lead you on horseback no matter your level. Well-trained horses and professional guides ensure that you have a stress free, breathtaking ride, and will be sure to show you everything you need to know.

The guides are incredible here at Cades Cove, and will make sure you don’t miss a thing. They point out plants, and wildlife along the way – such as deer, wild turkey, and black bears if you’re lucky — and sprinkle in information about the history of Cades Cove as you go.

It is important to note the dates of horseback riding season, which are just around the corner. If you want to avoid the harsh winter weather, the best times to visit are anytime from the middle of March to the end of Novemberduring this time you can enjoy this incredible experience without too many layers; however, we can’t deny winter is beautiful here, still.

Carriage rides Cades Cove

All children under 16 are required to wear a safety helmet. People of all ages can ride with you on a carriage or hay ride! Either of these are a fun alternative to horseback riding, and while the paths you travel on may be different the scenery is still breathtaking, no matter your route.

Hours for all activities are 9 am to 4:30 pm. It’s $30 for a trail ride, $12 per half hour carriage ride, $12 per two-hour hayride. You can make reservations for group hayrides but not for the trail rides or carriage rides. Trail rides are limited to nine people per group, which makes the experience nice and intimate.

horseback riding in cades cove

Dress Appropriately

Don’t forget to dress appropriately: closed-toe shoes are the best, or boots that half a small heel; clothes that are snug to the body are preferred, as loose fitting clothes can get snagged.

For more information, restrictions, safety and preparation tips visit the official Cades Cove Stables site.

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